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rub a dub dub

We offer bathing for our boarding dogs, day campers and walk-ins! We do require a reservation for baths. Just call our front desk to book an appointment.

what is included

All of our baths include a warm, Hydro Surge bath with Hypo allergenic shampoo and a relaxing scrub by our staff of experienced bathers. 

Coat conditioner to make your pup’s coat soft and extra cuddle-worthy. 

Please note: Our conditioner is not hypo allergenic. 

Towel dry followed by a warm blow dry

Brush Out

Freshening Spray (optional)



Our baths are priced by breed.  Please call our front desk for pricing information.


Dremmel Nail Trim Only $25

Clipper Nail Trim Only $18

Ear Cleaning $9

things to note…


  • All dogs must be up to date on the following vaccinations to be admitted for their bath: Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, Bordetella.
  • We do not cut or deshed any fur.  Although we do the best we can with our brush out to remove matts, it is not always possible to do so and we do not want to hurt the animal.  We will notify the owner if there are matts in the fur that were not able to be removed.
  • We do not express anal glands.
  • All spa doggies are required to be up to date on flea and tick prevention, however, topical flea and tick prevention may be washed off during the bathing process.  Please speak to your vet about re-application following a bath.
  • Please notify us if your dog does not enjoy being bathed.  For the safety of our bathing technicians, we appreciate a head’s up.  If while being bathed, your dog exhibits aggressive behavior or signs of extreme stress, Pet Resorts has the right to stop bathing services or refuse a bath or nail trim completely.
  • Bathing can cause stress for some animals. If your dog is older or in poor health, bathing shall be done at the owner’s risk.
  • Dogs may still be damp if picked up prior to bath pick-up time of 12:00 p.m. or if their coats are too thick to dry completely with the forced air dryer. We will call if your dog is dry and ready for pick-up sooner than 12:00pm.
  • Dogs will not be accepted for bathing services if they have open wounds, stitches or sutures or if they are post-operative unless written consent is given by a licensed veterinarian.